During the pandemic, we all had to make shifts in what we did. At the time, I was the director of an arts center in Philadelphia and like many others, I had to temporarily shut down the physical art gallery program. In order to keep the artists and the center's constituents engaged and connected, I created a series of artist interviews that were live streamed. The program allowed each artist to talk about their work, their history and their thoughts in a way that was both fun and engaging.

In the fall of 2023, I returned to these weekly interviews with even more great artists in a streamlined format called ArtShow. The interviews are roughly 30 minute, illustrated conversations about the artists and their work. As I've always enjoyed assisting and championing other artists and so I created ArtShow so audiences could easily get to know new artists each week as well as helpful insights into their artwork. Although the majority of the artists who appear are from the Philadelphia area, that's now beginning to change as it's the artists who participate who then make recommendations for other artists to appear.  Please watch, like and subscribe to the channel to catch all future episodes (Currently on Friday's at 5pm).

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